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Pookatoo creates animated .gif graphics which can be used on most sites.
Popular sites such as MySpace, Friendster, Blogger/Blogspot and other blogs/social networking sites should work fine.

Some sites such as Facebook may not allow .gif animations in all areas. You can always select the non-animated option on the generator to get a static image. This is also usually a lot smaller in file size, so sometimes that helps too.

You can often get a nicer effect by matching the background color of the text to the background of your web page - so for example if your page is white, select the white color in the color picker when generating the text. This allows the text to blend in more smoothly with your page.

You can use accented characters with some of the text styles.
If a character you need isn't working, try using a different style. Different fonts will support different characters.

..there are a few more styles hidden away in the options list..